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We empower veterinarians like you to focus on what you love most

We know and understand that operating a veterinary practice can be complex.  Between managing finances, human resources, payroll, recruitment, training and complying with ever-changing legislation, it’s easy to feel pulled in all directions.

Whether you are considering selling your practice to focus on continuing to provide excellent veterinary services, or seeking an exit strategy, the Vets Central team can support you through this transition whilst maintaining the legacy of your practice in a way you can remain proud of.

Some of the benefits of joining Vets Central include:

Admin Support
Including finance, payroll and human resources

First-Class Offerings
Access to marketing support, training and supplier benefits

A Generous Valuation
Whilst remaining as lead veterinarian with exceptional ongoing remuneration

No Claw Backs – Ever!
We have an industry-first, fair earn-out process

Flexible Working Arrangements
To suit your work-life balance

Ongoing Support
Backup from a strong support office and succession planning support

Professional Development
Excellent career development opportunities and training programs

Employee Benefits
Outstanding benefits for your employees and equity opportunities for your associate veterinarians

When you join us you have the option to step up, or step back, or continue what you are doing, all at the pace you choose.

Discover how Vets Central can help you achieve your personal, clinical and business goals by registering for our Vendor Information Pack.

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