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“Great Place To Work Certification is a highly coveted achievement that requires consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience. By successfully earning this recognition, it is evident that Vets Central Clinics stand out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees.”

Sarah Lewis-Kulin
Vice President of Global Recognition (Great Place To Work)

Looking to grow your career at a
company that puts its people first?

Vets Central is on a mission to become Australia’s leading veterinary partner, supporting the delivery of quality veterinary services to the community and doing so through an engagement model that puts our veterinary team members first!

As the only Australian owned certified and operated veterinary group, we are a preferred acquirer of Australian veterinary clinics. Vets Central takes the time to understand your needs, providing for a financially rewarding outcome along with practical support, marketing effectiveness, investment in training and development, and great benefits for our team members.

With a refined and refreshing approach, we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Partner Reviews
Dr Martin Strong
Motto Farm Veterinary Hospital

“We chose Vets Central as they let us remain as our own clinic with our own identity and culture. And we can continue to service our clients with the personal touch that we are used to. The team at Vets Central have been great throughout our initial negotiations, which were done in a fair spirit of negotiation, through to the integration of our practice into Vets Central. It has been smooth and professional and with minimal disruption to the function of our practice. I cannot fault the process and we are happy to be part of the Vets Central family.”

Dr Richard Creed
Lismore Veterinary Clinic

“Having run my practice for 27 years and being passionate about my practice culture, team, and clients I was quite wary about joining a “corporate group”. Our experience of joining Vets Central has been nothing but positive. The transition was smooth and wonderfully facilitated by Lee. We have found all the Vets Central staff we have dealt with to be friendly and helpful. I am confident that the future looks great together!”

Rob McMahon & Samantha Blake
Sweet Pea Animal Hospital

We feel confident that with Vets Central behind us and supporting us, our team, our patients, and our clients will be looked after and will benefit in the same way that we have. We no longer feel that we are doing this alone, nor are we worried about longevity. We feel that someone else cares about “our” practice as much as we do! We encourage you to put your preconceptions of “corporate” vets aside. Vets Central are different and we could not be happier to be working in partnership with them. We love that Sweet Pea Animal Hospital is still just as it was and that our team are valued as highly as we value them. Heartfelt thanks to Keith, Debbie, Lee, and the whole (rapidly growing) support team, who have made this somewhat daunting process as seamless as possible, and a truly exciting experience. CLICK TO READ MORE.

Selena Steiner and Seungho Kim
Central New Farm, Cleveland & Nundah Village Veterinary Clinics

“We spent a lot of time choosing who we should sell our three clinics to. We chose Vets Central because they were offering many appealing options. Firstly, to keep our staff on the same contracts that we had employed them on, so it was minimal disruption for them. Secondly, the way we ran our business would stay the same. And thirdly, the sale price and the earn out terms were very fair.

We felt quite anxious about the process (there is no doubt that it is an intense experience!). But the Vets Central team were always at the end of the phone and coached us through. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Scott McAuley

“We sold the Gladstone Veterinary Clinic to Vets Central at the start of September 2021.  We went into negotiations with much trepidation as many we spoke with told us how hard it was going to be working for a corporate based on their experiences with other corporate groups – we were warned of constant pressure to make sales and meet targets, constant meetings and drastic changes.  None of this has happened with Vets Central.  Work has continued on just as it was before and now we don’t have to do payroll, BAS and all the other paperwork. It is definitely a change for the better and I would highly recommend talking to Vets Central if you are planning on selling your practice.  Also if you are an employee and your boss is talking to Vets Central – I wouldn’t be worried as your life won’t change either.”

Hennie Strydom
Wellington Veterinary Hospital

“Selling your clinic is a big and difficult decision, the process can be very daunting.

Our experience with Vets Central was that they offered a fair price and were very helpful during the negotiations and take over process.  Their friendly staff has offered plenty of support since the take over and are truly only a phone call away.”

Kerri Wallis
Eaton Pet Vet

“The thought of selling my practice was quite daunting and was not a decision I made lightly. However my experience with Vets Central through this process was absolutely sensational.  All the people I dealt with through this transition have been absolutely fantastic, very helpful and positive. Nothing was too much to ask. The process was far less of an ordeal than I had imagined with the staff at Vets Central taking the reins and guiding me through my part, but for most, dealing with all of the finer detail themselves, obviously knowing what they were doing.  They have also been great to all of my staff which made a very emotional change in my life as easy as it could have been.”

Andrew Gould
Sunbury Veterinary Clinic

“Selling my practice to Vets Central was the best business decision I ever made.”

Keith Phillips
Coast and Valleys Veterinary Hospital

“We sold our practice to Vets Central in the week before Christmas. The whole process was completed very quickly from initial contact through to finalising a deal, which was great. One of the attractions for choosing Vets Central was their intention to not make massive changes to the practice, which was far less intimidating for our team. Selling your business is a big step for any business owner, most of whom like us have nurtured the growth and ethos of the practice from its inception as a one Vet practice through to the size that allows us to start planning retirement. The concerns are both getting a fair price for the business, and ensuring that your staff and clients are comfortable with the transition. We’ve absolutely appreciated the patience and understanding of the Vets Central team. As a Vet who hasn’t had a boss since 1989, there was some trepidation about entering this new phase. Thankfully the changes are so gentle I’ve barely noticed, and I still enjoy coming to work.”

Chris Pretorius
Kings Road Veterinary Surgery

“As the sole owner of a veterinary surgery that I have started from scratch, it was quite an emotional and daunting decision to consider selling the business. Vets Central navigated the negotiation process in a professional manner and offered a competitive price for the business. Naturally, all employees experienced some apprehension to work for a corporate entity, but Vets Central responds to suggestions and is always willing to engage in discussions to create a good working relationship. Since selling I have enjoyed a healthy work/life balance.”

Vicki Onus
Tuggerah Veterinary Clinic

“I recently sold my veterinary practice to Vets Central. I was initially uncertain about selling to a “corporate” business and I was also concerned about the reaction from my staff as some had previously worked for other corporates and did not want to do this again. I was also concerned about my ability to be an employee after so many years as an employer.

However, the sale of the business proceeded quickly and efficiently, and my team are happily working with Vets Central. Our clients are mostly unaware that there have been any changes of ownership. There are no visible changes to our practice or our procedures. As questions or issues arise, the Vets Central team have given us prompt and helpful answers and solutions.  They have efficiently taken over much of the admin of the practice.

I am very encouraged by the professionalism and experience of the Vets Central team and am enjoying working as an ‘employee’ after 22 years as my own boss.”

Nadia Kingham
Aldgate Veterinary Clinic

“Retirement & succession planning are always fraught with both emotional and financial challenges. My experience with Vets Central has minimised both of those. Keith and Lee have been outstanding people to deal with and their team at Vets Central worked very hard to make the transition as seamless as possible. I am excited that Aldgate Vets will be a Vets Central beacon in South Australia.”

Nick Tan
GoVets Greenwood

“We at GoVets Greenwood have recently transitioned to Vets Central, and we couldn’t be happier with the process! Keith, Lee, Deb and the whole team have been so amazing in helping us achieve this goal. At all times they have been helpful, approachable, and friendly, and have made what was a very daunting task smooth and seamless. We are all looking forward to a long, happy, and prosperous journey together.”

Alan Kelly
Cannington Veterinary Hospital

“The thought of finding a buyer for our practice seemed, at first daunting until we were introduced to Keith Nicholls at Vets Central. It was comforting to know that Keith had extensive personal experience in acquisitions with other companies prior to setting up Vets Central and had used his knowledge to design a better model with an ethos of putting vets at the centre and an emphasis on support and reward, rather than rebranding and remodelling.”


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