Want to recognise someone pawesome in your clinic?
Nominate them for a VC Care Award!

Vets Central values all team members and recognises that in addition to receiving positive feedback from your manager, positive feedback by way of recognition from your peers or work colleagues is very rewarding.

Saying thank you or well done to another team member makes the giver and receiver feel valued.  The VC Care Awards program is designed to provide an easy platform to provide positive feedback to anyone at any time.

Award Categories

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Demonstrates gold star care to our patients.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 8.09.09 AM

Going over and above for our clients.

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For having a significant impact within their local community or a good cause/charity.

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For demonstrating amazing love, care, consideration, dedication, or commitment to another team member.

How It Works

If you observe or experience a Vets Central team member going above and beyond their role, we want you to shout it out, share and celebrate their greatness.  Simply complete the online form below which will be sent through to HR when submitted.

All the nominations will be collated and at the end of the month the Vets Central senior management team will select the team member of the month within the four award categories. 

The nominee and their manager will receive an e-mail advising of the nomination with the name of the person that nominated them and the reason and category for the nomination.

The nomination will be reviewed with other nominees for that month by the voting panel (Vets Central Senior Management Team).  A winner for each of the four (4) VC Care categories will be selected for the team members of the month.

All nominees and their managers will be advised via e-mail of the results.

The winners will receive a congratulations certificate and gift voucher valued at $250.

All nominees and winners will be announced in Pawprints and on our social media platforms.

Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to recognise a fellow team member!